In this page, you can find New Latest Electrical Project, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Projects with Circuit Digrams for Final Year EEE or E&E Students. Also explore Electrical Engineering Research Thesis Papers with Abstract and Synopsis in PDF PPT and DOC Format with Free Download for the year 2013.

New Latest Electrical Project


GSM Autonomous CAR Parking

This project has 3 modules. One is placed in entrance of the gate. The second module is placed in the parking floor. The third is present at the billing section. In the first module once the car comes in the entrance it is detected. This is performed using IR. Then the gate is open for it to enter. In the entrance LCD is present which shows the availability of the parking place. It helps the persons to park his car in the available place. ...........>>>>>Read More


GSM Digital Security Systems for Printer

This system will provide perfect security system for printers in an organization, which uses printers efficiently and security of data. To Secure and maintains the count Printing of printer and login for PC using GSM Cotrol. The Owner can activate the printer or PC Through remote GSM SMS control Using Mobile Communication. This system involves to Reading the Data from PC and sends the data to Embedded Security kit, this kit will sends the data to mobile using GSM............>>>>>Read More


GSM Energy Meter Debugger Systems

This system is used to test the Energy meter and read the status from the meter, and compares the new and old data values then display on LCD and send the data to Pc using RS232 communication. The machine having basically, the task consisted of three parts: This system having reader, integrator and PC using mobile module. Reader transmit the data (petrol qty) And send to integrato...........>>>>>Read More



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