In this page, you can find Mini Projects for Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Projects with Circuit Digrams for Final Year EEE or E&E Students. Also explore Electrical Engineering Research Thesis Papers with Abstract and Synopsis in PDF PPT and DOC Format with Free Download for the year 2013.

Mini Projects for Electrical Engineering


Integrated Photonic Microwave Band Pass Filter

An integrated photonic microwave bandpass filter has been demonstrated incorporating a coherently coupled microring resonator in low-loss polymers. The resonator was designed to have an extremely small bandwidth so that it could be used to selectively pass the optical signal carrying the microwave signal to attain efficient bandpass filtering. The demonstrated device may feature compact size, simple structure, ...........>>>>>Read More


Intelligent Alcohol Detection System for CAR

This is used to Sense and drive the relay for ignition on/off for drug drive control system. This system will sense the alcohol level of human body through sensor and control the drive to avoid accident.
 To enter the gas of alcohol level through key pad  Then automatically the circuit will sense the alcohol and active the relay of ignition...........>>>>>Read More


Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler is the part of that discharges water when the effects of a fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been reached. Automatic fire sprinklers operate at a predetermined temperature, utilizing a fusible link, a portion of which melts, or a frangible glass bulb containing liquid which breaks, allowing the plug in the orifice to be pushed out of the orifice by the water pressure in the fire sprinkler piping, resulting in water flow from the orifice. ...........>>>>>Read More



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