Fire Fighting Robot


The need for a device that can detect and extinguish a fire on its own is long past due. Many house fires originate when someone is either sleeping or not home. With the invention of such a device, people and property can be saved at a much higher rate with relatively minimal damage caused by the fire. Our task as electrical engineers was to design and build a prototype system that could autonomously detect and extinguish a fire. Also aims at minimizing air pollution.In this Project we design a Fuzzy based Microcontroller controlled Robot. It is the Robot that can move through a model structure, find a â€oburning oil derrick† (lit candle) and then extinguish it with help of a Blower.

This is meant to simulate the real world operation of a Robot performing a fire extinguishing function in an oilfield. Fuzzy logic provided an appropriate solution to the otherwise complex task of mathematically deriving an exact model for the non-linear control system upon which conventional control techniques could then be applied. The fuzzy inference system was designed to act as a PID-like controller. We are using the Popular 8 bit Microcontroller the 8051 family Microcontroller. Program code to control the fire fighting robot is written in assembly language




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