In this page, you can find Electrical Projects with Circuit Diagram, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Projects with Circuit Digrams for Final Year EEE or E&E Students. Also explore Electrical Engineering Research Thesis Papers with Abstract and Synopsis in PDF PPT and DOC Format with Free Download for the year 2013.

Electrical Projects with Circuit Diagram


Automatic Conveyor for Industrial Automation

In this project we have to control the conveyor automatically by sensing the objects placed in the conveyor. Also, by using RPM sensor we have to control the speed the motor. The number of tags handled by the conveyor on the whole will be displayed simultaneously along with regulating the speed of conveyor. This project will save the power of motor operating the conveyor by regulating the conveyor automation, i.e. the conveyor ...........>>>>>Read More


Device Controlling Using TAPI

The project is divided into two functional modules .The system consists of a hardware unit (consisting of a microcontroller based relay operating system and a Intel microprocessor based system Working on Microsoft windows operating system) plus a software unit which consists of Microsoft Windows GUI program which act as an interface between user and the system and also act as an interface between hardware unit...........>>>>>


AVR Based Smart Electricity Meter

This project is developed for the users to read the meter reading through RF. There are two units. One in the office and the other in the user area. In the Office, a microcontroller kit is connected with a RF receiver. A LCD display is connected with the microcontroller kit. In the user area, a microcontroller kit is connected with a RF transmitter. .........>>>>Read More


ATM Terminal Design Based On Fingerprint Recognition

The main aim of this project is to design the ATM terminal, based on the fingerprint recognition. The purpose of this project is to increase the security that customer use the ATM machine. Once user's bank card is lost and the password is stolen, the criminal will draw all cash in the shortest time, which will bring enormous financial losses to customer, so to rectify this problem we are implementing this project........>>>>Read More


Development Of Antirigging Voting System Using Finger Print

The aim of this project is to implement the development of anti rigging voting system using finger print The purpose of the project is to provide a secured and reliable environment to the customers is to electing the candidates by using the intelligent electronic voting machine by providing a unique identity to every user using the FINGER PRINT identification technology.......>>>>Read More



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