In this page, you can find Electrical Projects Pdf, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Projects with Circuit Digrams for Final Year EEE or E&E Students. Also explore Electrical Engineering Research Thesis Papers with Abstract and Synopsis in PDF PPT and DOC Format with Free Download for the year 2013.

Electrical Projects Pdf


Prepaid Energy Meter

Uses an 8051 and 89c2051.8051 as main microcontroller.89c2051 as smartcard and in it maximum units to be used is programmed.This data is given to 8051.8051 is connected to a digital energy meter.8051 is programmed to decrement the maximum units as a response to the information from digital energy meter.There is a buzzer to warn the user.When maximum use is made relay is cut off.Then we have to reset both microcontollers ...........>>>>>Read More


Radar Data Acquisition System

In the RADAR data acquisition system, the data from the COTAL RADAR is processed by 8085 microprocessor and the processed data is first sent to the RADAR control room ,from there it is also transferred to main control room by means of a MODEM at a baud rate of 9600bps ,the coded data is decoded by INTEL's microcontroller 8051 .The microcontroller kit is equipped with a serial data transmission/receiver system ............>>>>>Read More


Railway Security Monitoring System Using GSM Technology

The objective of this project is to send the SMS indication to train, when the track is cut or the workers or working on the track.In this project the vibration sensor is placed on the track. It is fabricated with peizo electric plate. It converts the mechanical vibration in to electrical signal. The vibration sensor output is given to amplifier in order to amplify that electrical signal. Then the amplified signal ......>>>>Read More



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