Earth Quake Analyser and Reporter


Earth Quake Analyser and Reporter project is developed for the users to sense and meter the amount of Earth quake detected.

When earth quake is experienced in any place, the Piezo element connected with this project senses the vibration. It gives corresponding voltage to the ADC of the Microcontroller PIC16F73 according to the amount of vibration.

The ADC converts analogue voltage to Digital. The Microcontroller sends output signal through output port. The output port is connected with a seven segment display, Computer through serial port.

The amount of earth quake detected is displayed in the seven segment display and recorded in the Computer.

If the value exceeds 5, It sends message to a particular cell phone.

This can be implemented very easily in any place so that the administrator can immediately know the amount of earth quake detected in the particular place and the user can easily identify whether the earthquake is mild or not.

The port programs are written in Visual Basic and Microcontroller program is written in assembly language





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