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File Compression

The Domain "File Compression" lets you reduce the overall number of bits and bytes in a file so it can be transmitted faster over slower Internet connections, or take up less space on a disk. Domain File compression is a System Based Software. The software will be done using Core Java. It can use in the System as a utility. The type of compression we will use here is called lossless compression . The user need not depend on third party software's like winzip, winrar, Stuff etc. the software can be used to compress files and they can be decompressed when the need arises. For implementing this Software we want to use algorithms..............>>>>> Read More


Enhancing an Application Server to Support Available Components

Modern client-server distributed computing systems may be seen as implementations of N-tier architectures. Typically, the first tier consists of client applications containing browsers, with the remaining tiers deployed within an enterprise representing the server side; the second tier (Web tier) consists of web servers that receive requests from clients and pass on the requests to specific applications residing in the third tier (middle tier) consisting of application servers where the computations implementing the business logic are performed; and the fourth tier (database/back-end tier) contains databases that maintain persistent data for applications. Applications in this architecture are typically structured as a set of interrelated components hosted by containers ..............>>>>> Read More


Accelerating Ranking System Using Webgraph

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