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How To Make A Chemistry Project


To Study the Presence of Insecticides and Pesticides in Various Fruits and Vegetables

To Study the Presence of Insecticides and Pesticides in Various Fruits and Vegetables. In the past decade there has been a tremendous increase in the yields of various crops to meet the demand of overgrowing population, achieved by using pesticides and insecticides. These are chemicals that are sprayed over crop to protect it from pests. For example: DDT, BHC, zinc phosphide, Mercuric chloride, dinitrophenol, etc. ........>>>>Read More


Study of Diffusion of Solids in Liquids

When substances are brought in contact with each other they intermix, this property is known as Diffusion. This property of diffusion takes place very rapidly in case of gases and to a lesser extent in case of liquids, whereas solids do not show this process of diffusion with each other. But what we can observe in case of solids is that the diffusion of solids in liquids takes place at a very slow rate.........>>>>Read More


To Analyze a Sample of Brass Qualitatively

Aim is To Analyze a Sample of Brass Qualitatively. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Small amount of iron and lead are also present. This dissolves in 50%nitric acid and generates the ions of the constituting metals in solutions. Presence of these ions in the solution can be conformed by qualitative inorganic analysis scheme.........>>>>Read More


Water Concentration and Texture

To find the Water Concentration and Texture. The main objective for this activity is to study the effect of concentration, weight and temperature of solution towards its density. The activity was handled by preparing the solution first which are sugar palm solution, evaporated milk, ice cubes and tea water. The three layers of solution will formed then and the concept of water density is applied. Instead of attractive in the term of texture, this water also ........>>>>Read More


Which Grease Is Good for You?

This project focuses on proving that vegetable oil will degrade in quality when fried five times, and if the addition of Vitamin E(antioxidant) will help in retaining the oil's quality. Four types of vegetable oil -Extra Virgin olive, Extra Light Olive, Canola, and Extra Virgin Coconut, with and without Vitamin E were heated repeatedly in a 400ml glass beaker for five times at 178degC for 4 minutes and allowed to cool to 80degC before reheating.........>>>>Read More


Glucose Monitoring in Porous Silicon Photonic Crystals

Porous silicon as a sensor is useful in many applications throughout the real world, from monitoring toxins and chemicals in the environment to sensing proteins and hormones in the body that can indicate the onset of fatal heart attacks. One situation in which sensors are critical is diabetes, a disease in which the level of blood sugar, or glucose, is dangerously high.The purpose of this project is to determine a relationship........>>>>Read More



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