Nursing Seminar Topics 2013

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Non-Coding RNAS And Regulation

Nitrogen Fixation


Biological Forensic techniques


Hanta Virus

Heliobacter/ GI tract disease

Ebola Virus

Catalytic Antibodies

Pfisteria piscicida

Multiple Sclerosis

Global Warming and Malaria

Eradication of Polio

Tuberculosis and drug resistance.

Muscular Dystrophy ?

Flesh-eating bacteria

GMO's and Public Opinion

Viruses as vectors for treating disease

HIV Protease inhibitors

Mammalian endotoxin receptors

Pathogenesis of E. coli

Moribilliviruses and Wildlife Diseases


Edible Vaccines


Chromatin And Regulation

Cell Adhesion/Signaling In The Immune System

Epigenetics And Cloning

Gene Expression In Trypanosomes 

Two Component Regulatory Systems

Regulation Of Ribosome Biosynthesis

Apoptosis In Biology And Medicine

What Have We Learned About Human Evolution

Migration From Mitochondrial DNA Analysis

Apoptosis In Biology And Medicine

Oncogenes Vs Tumor Suppressors

Embryonic Stem Cell Research In The US And Abroad

Muscular Dystrophy

Making Sense Of Taste

SNARE Proteins In Cellular Membrane Trafficking


Virus-Encoded Superantigens 

Rearrangement of Immunoglobin Genes

Autoimmune Diseases

Mucosal Surfaces, Alternative Target Sites For Vaccines

How The Immune System Recognizes Virus-Infected Cells?

Evading Our Immune System

Viral Disease Resistance in Plants

Human Papillomaviruses 

HIV Protease Inhibitors, A New Class of Antiviral Drugs

Status of Vaccine Research for HIV/AIDS 

Use of Viruses as Vectors for Treating Diseases in Humans And Animals

Herpesvirus Latency in Neurons 

Chemokine Receptors and HIV Infection 

Neuraminidase Inhibitors, a New Class of Anti-Influenza Drugs

Computer-Aided Design of Antiviral Drugs

Smallpox And Bioterrorism

Defining Disease in the Genomics Era.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Bovine Spongiform Encephnalopathy (BSE)

Plant/Microbe Interactions Important In Phytoremediation

Molecular Electronics: Assembling Nanocircuits

Nitrogen Fixation By Spirochetes.

Microbial Alchemy: Using Bacteria To Mine Precious Metals

Current status of Lyme Disease research 

The increase in antimicrobial resistance

Ebola, a newly emerging disease 

Moribilliviruses and wildlife diseases

Global climate change and change in disease distributions.

Good bacteria in and on our bodies and in our environment

Malaria - have we lost this biowar?

Tropical Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

AIDS in Africa: Resource Needs for HIV/AIDS

The Foot-and-Mouth epidemic in Great Britain.

Antigenic shift and drift of influenza virus, genetic basis and clinical implication 

Helicobacter pylori  and GI tract disease

Genetic predisposition to cancer

Mycobacterium tuberculosis and antibiotic resistance

Four Corners Disease (Hantavirus) 

Pathogen identification and food safety 

Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases 

Streptococcal toxic-shock syndrome 

Streptococci; "Flesh-eating bacteria"

Microsporidiosis, a new human disease previously known only in animals 

TB and antibiotic resistance, a re-emerging disease and public health problem.

Role of bacteriocins in food safety 

Developing "Ethnic" Drugs; accounting for inherited physiological differences.


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